The Removal Challenges We Overcome Everyday

Moving is something that you should leave on the experts as it is unsafe and requires caution. One wrong move and either you get hurt or your stuff gets damaged. We've been in the removal business for over a decade and over the years we have handled all kind of moving challenges. You don't move daily and it doesn't matter if you are moving your one-room apartment or complete office, you just need expert help to save yourself some time and burden of taking such a big responsibility on your own shoulders.

Every day we are on the move, sometimes locally and sometimes interstate. We work with clients from all backgrounds. Be it commercial or residential move, we are there for you. We daily handle tons of moving challenges and in the end, come out as heroes. For us, no job is too small. 

It was last summer when we got an office moving project. This job required extra caution as there were fragile items and computer systems with confidential data. When we first went to their office, we had to review the whole office and come up with a plan that involved safety and security. We listed all the items in our checklist, brought in our talented packers and dropped the packaging material so that they can start dismantling and packing the office material one step after another. Unassembling a computer requires a special skill set and we have the team and resources to make sure your electronics are relocated without any damage to the systems and data. We safely and carefully remove all the parts and pack in the boxes with bubble wrapping and other required packing materials. 

I forget to mention that the office was located on the 12th floor and every second spent extra meant the loss in business. So we brought in our removalists from Brisbane, a team that is known for its speed and precision. When we were done with the electronic items, they stepped in and started dismantling the furniture. In no time they had done half of the job and waiting for packers to wrap the furniture so that it can be moved from "12th floor" to the truck. When they were done with the packing, we started removing the furniture and loading it into our trucks. 

In less than 24 hours we were on the road and way before our estimated time. We love such challenges because it helps us in improving our services. It shows us what we are capable of and what we can achieve if work hard. 

We at CBD movers take every moving task very seriously as quality services is what makes us better than other removalists agencies.

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